Software And Effective Marketing


Software that seeks to make websites perform better abound in the internet. In this regard, it is not uncommon to find programming developers trying to market their software online.

However, some have very little idea on how this can be done.

Software marketing in the virtual world is not unlike other products or services being promoted by various companies. Basic knowledge of the more popular online marketing techniques should prove to be helpful.

search-enginesA good starting point would be the search engines where paid ad spaces are available. A single purchase of one of these ads can bring in tremendous sales prospects. Of course, this undertaking can be a bit expensive especially when opting for the more prominent search engines.

A more affordable marketing method would be to look for online forums as well as discussion sites where software development is the primary topic. Many of these sites welcome free members although a few may require monthly fees.

In any case, joining the discussion in these specialty sites is a good opportunity to promote or advertise any software that has recently been developed.

For example, there are various plugins available for your business in order to make working with WordPress much easier.  Plugins for blog commenting moderation like Akismet for example, or ones for adding your photos like Photo Gallery.  There are even more specific ones like Page Expiration Robot which adds countdown timers for WordPress.  That particular one even has it’s own dedicated site.

A number of business owners are actually known to take part in various forum discussions in the internet. Their goal is usually to gain more knowledge about the industry that they are involved in and in the process, apply any new learning that they acquire to make their business more successful.  That knowledge can be applied using video, articles, and other rich media.  Video players for WordPress like vooPlayer can be used as well other well known tools like Youtube and Vimeo.

In the case of software-related discussion sites, many online businesses find them quite helpful. This is mainly because these sites get to provide them needed information about any new programs that may help them improve their overall business operations.

Meanwhile, getting to share any software idea or knowledge in these sites should not be too difficult especially for the experienced designer. If valuable information gets to be presented, the door to successful software sales can easily open up.

Software can also be an interesting subject to write about especially for the programmer who has a way with the written word. Well-written content relating to software information can be submitted to different online publications. This is a good and effective way of getting known as an expert programmer. If excellent articles can be turned in on a regular basis, it is highly possible to eventually get connected with several companies in need of competent software developers.

Software marketing need not be entirely difficult, even for the inexperienced online marketer. As long as there is confidence in the product being promoted and the appropriate strategy is employed, the needed software sale will eventually come.


An Eye on Marketo

eye-on-marketoA big headline on the World Wide Web is about the partnership between Marketo and Facebook. Facebook is known by almost everyone, it has become a household term. Marketo, on the other hand, has yet to roll off the tongue of netizens. Things, however, may change as it brings its engagement marketing platform to Facebook feeds all over the world.

For those are in the dark about Marketo and what the software does, Marketo (MKTO) is the current leader in digital marketing software and solutions to “help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.” Marketo provides a complete day-to-day marketing experience as if a company hired a marketing staff on board.

The partnership between Marketo and Facebook reveals that Marketo has two new solutions that connect Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform to Facebook’s Custom Audiences. This partnership will boost the current service provided by Facebook ads, wherein Facebook online-business owners or professional profiles can show relevant ads to specific organizations, industries and target users based on a demographic.

marketo-engagement-marketingAside from the partnership with Facebook, Marketo currently offers a host of other services. Marketo’s main service is the Engagement Marketing Platform, which is divided into 4 areas of expertise. The Marketing Automation service allows for a business to be able to swift launch highly targeted campaigns across a multitude of marketing channels with less manual effort for the goal of maximizing revenue. Through this, a business is able to track the effects of the campaigns in terms of website visitors, sales and analytics of a variety of indicators.

Customer Engagement Marketing is the meat of Marketo’s services, and combined with their Real-Time personalization of their engagements, wherein a business can send out and build “automated campaigns that create long-term, personal relationships with consumers across all channels. They are able to do this by analyzing the behavior of the consumers then personalizing each e-mail and campaign with relatable content. Marketo utilizes an omni-channel campaign management that spans several outlets including e-mail, direct mail and social media.

Marketo involves a Marketing Management tool that plans, coordinates and communicates everything within the sphere of the businesses marketing that concern the marketing calendar and financial management.

Marketo will definitely get a boost due to the partnership with Facebook; it is a great marketing tactic. The question that remains is can Marketo retain its position as the leader in digital marketing with hundreds of up-and-coming digital marketing start-ups awaiting its place at the top?


5 Tips On Buying A Software That Fits Your Website


Have you considered the idea of buying a software for your website? If you do, you better stop that thought. You need to be acquainted with certain tips which will help you pretty well when it comes to software shopping.

Here are five tips you can use when buying a software that fits your website:

1. Know what you need.

This is the first thing that most software buyers do forget and even neglect. All they know is that one particular software is selling like hot cake and they should buy it, too. This is a wrong mentality. Stay away from this. As a buyer, you need at all cost know very well what your website do need. Not because a software is famous you must buy it. Of course not! Ask yourself, and when you know the answer proceed to number 2.

2. List the specs.

strategy-design-developWhen you already have an idea as to what your website needs, list down the specs. Be very detailed as possible. You will not go far if you do not have a user requirement document prepared. This is crucial in the success of having purchased a software that does work! If you are not that tech savvy, you could always ask advice from your programmer or an expert who can give you an intelligent advice.

3. Have your budget ready.

One thing is for sure with buying web application for website, it can be very costly. It is a must that you have your budget ready. This will serve as the ceiling amount as to how much you can afford to pay. If the price is way more than that then, do not buy it. If not, you could always have an allowance of about 20-40% out of your budget price. It will become your safety net. Just in case the software you are looking to buy is priced more than what you have set at a budget.

4. Find a software that fits.

Now that you do know what you are looking for, and have a set budget for it, the next thing you need to do is to find a software. Not just any software, but that one software which fits into the criteria you have set. There are quite a number of software companies who are selling software solutions to small online businesses. All you have to do is to search for them, see if they have what you are looking, and have a list.

5. Read reviews first before you make a purchase.

When you do have the list of companies that are selling the kind of software you are looking for, the next thing you need to do is to read the reviews. Be very careful when you are browsing on testimonials and reading them online. To back up these testimonials and to have a proof indeed they are for real, you can call up the customers. Ask them about their experience in using the software. This will save you all the hassle later on about having to make use of a software that does not work at all. It may eat some of your time, but it is definitely worth every second of it.

One thing you should remember when buying software, it is all about functionality and support. You want to make sure that the software you have purchased from a company provides you with support. Why? You just never know sooner or later, you will encounter some issues and you want them to fix right away. You want to have that assurance that the company will have a technical representative assist you.


Social Media Marketing on a Budget for Online Businesses


Congratulations on beginning your own online start-up or website. It’s all the rage for go-getters to start their business small online. Online is the best place to put up an affordable marketplace and get your message out there. A big problem with the World Wide Web is that even though billions of people all over the world are online, these people have another billion places they can go to instead of your site. This creates the need to market your business, but these tactics may be expensive and may not be worth the money spent on them. For the online businessman in need of inexpensive marketing tactics, here are a few strategies that are either free or affordable.

The immediate thing you should do is to establish a presence on social media on sites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. It’s best to research on your target market and check out which social media outlet they are most active in. Once the social media profiles are set, you should update it at least once or twice a week to get your audience interested. Creating fresh and original content is essential as these can create a voice for your brand; not to mention, search engines like Google love original content and it may just be searchable.

hootsuite-social-mediaHandling multiple social media accounts is made easier with Hootsuite is a free social media analytics and management tool that monitors the type of user that drops by your site, then Hootsuite creates graphic reports based on the information collected The interface is created so that one can manage different social media sites in one page. Hootsuite has a host of services including social marketing, selling and customer service; however, the free version of the software only comes with the social media tools.

It’s easy for you to ask your friends or family to spread the word about your business, but in order to reach a bigger audience Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are most effective. Google Adwords may not be free but spending just $5 to $10 dollars a day can make all the difference. Google Adwords has already done the research to decipher what sites your target market frequents and places ads there. Facebook Ads specifically zeroes-in on profiles that match the target market, creating a lasting impression on their social media accounts. You can choose between a pay-per-click or lifetime budget plan.