An Eye on Marketo

eye-on-marketoA big headline on the World Wide Web is about the partnership between Marketo and Facebook. Facebook is known by almost everyone, it has become a household term. Marketo, on the other hand, has yet to roll off the tongue of netizens. Things, however, may change as it brings its engagement marketing platform to Facebook feeds all over the world.

For those are in the dark about Marketo and what the software does, Marketo (MKTO) is the current leader in digital marketing software and solutions to “help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.” Marketo provides a complete day-to-day marketing experience as if a company hired a marketing staff on board.

The partnership between Marketo and Facebook reveals that Marketo has two new solutions that connect Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform to Facebook’s Custom Audiences. This partnership will boost the current service provided by Facebook ads, wherein Facebook online-business owners or professional profiles can show relevant ads to specific organizations, industries and target users based on a demographic.

marketo-engagement-marketingAside from the partnership with Facebook, Marketo currently offers a host of other services. Marketo’s main service is the Engagement Marketing Platform, which is divided into 4 areas of expertise. The Marketing Automation service allows for a business to be able to swift launch highly targeted campaigns across a multitude of marketing channels with less manual effort for the goal of maximizing revenue. Through this, a business is able to track the effects of the campaigns in terms of website visitors, sales and analytics of a variety of indicators.

Customer Engagement Marketing is the meat of Marketo’s services, and combined with their Real-Time personalization of their engagements, wherein a business can send out and build “automated campaigns that create long-term, personal relationships with consumers across all channels. They are able to do this by analyzing the behavior of the consumers then personalizing each e-mail and campaign with relatable content. Marketo utilizes an omni-channel campaign management that spans several outlets including e-mail, direct mail and social media.

Marketo involves a Marketing Management tool that plans, coordinates and communicates everything within the sphere of the businesses marketing that concern the marketing calendar and financial management.

Marketo will definitely get a boost due to the partnership with Facebook; it is a great marketing tactic. The question that remains is can Marketo retain its position as the leader in digital marketing with hundreds of up-and-coming digital marketing start-ups awaiting its place at the top?


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