Social Media Marketing on a Budget for Online Businesses


Congratulations on beginning your own online start-up or website. It’s all the rage for go-getters to start their business small online. Online is the best place to put up an affordable marketplace and get your message out there. A big problem with the World Wide Web is that even though billions of people all over the world are online, these people have another billion places they can go to instead of your site. This creates the need to market your business, but these tactics may be expensive and may not be worth the money spent on them. For the online businessman in need of inexpensive marketing tactics, here are a few strategies that are either free or affordable.

The immediate thing you should do is to establish a presence on social media on sites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. It’s best to research on your target market and check out which social media outlet they are most active in. Once the social media profiles are set, you should update it at least once or twice a week to get your audience interested. Creating fresh and original content is essential as these can create a voice for your brand; not to mention, search engines like Google love original content and it may just be searchable.

hootsuite-social-mediaHandling multiple social media accounts is made easier with Hootsuite is a free social media analytics and management tool that monitors the type of user that drops by your site, then Hootsuite creates graphic reports based on the information collected The interface is created so that one can manage different social media sites in one page. Hootsuite has a host of services including social marketing, selling and customer service; however, the free version of the software only comes with the social media tools.

It’s easy for you to ask your friends or family to spread the word about your business, but in order to reach a bigger audience Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are most effective. Google Adwords may not be free but spending just $5 to $10 dollars a day can make all the difference. Google Adwords has already done the research to decipher what sites your target market frequents and places ads there. Facebook Ads specifically zeroes-in on profiles that match the target market, creating a lasting impression on their social media accounts. You can choose between a pay-per-click or lifetime budget plan.


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